【MONOPOLY DREAMS™ reopen on the15th of February】

To cooperate with the current epidemic preventive measures adopted in Hong Kong and having taken into account the health and safety of our guests and employees. MONOPOLY DREAMS™ facilities have been suspended for more than 18 days and the whole venue has also been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. MONOPOLY DREAMS™ facilities will reopen on the 15th of February, 2020.

Get ready beforehand to ensure yourself a fruitful and pleasant journey at MONOPOLY DREAMS™!
To ensure our guests to be at ease and enjoy the best experience, MONOPOLY DREAMS™ has strengthened the preventive measures as follow:
• Photo-catalyst (Nano-TiO2) disinfection procedure has been adapted to the interior and exterior of the venue.
• The interior and exterior of the whole venue will be cleaned and disinfected at least once per hour.
• Staff will disinfect and clean the whole venue 1 hour before the opening and after the closure.

In addition to ensure and protect personal hygiene, please kindly follow the rules below:

Before entering MONOPOLY DREAMS™:
• To ensure the sanitary level, our staff will scan our guests with infrared body heat detector and this temperature check is compulsory. (Guests who have a recorded temperature of 37.5 degrees and above or have developed URI symptoms including fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat will have their tickets rescheduled. We will help reschedule or refund if needed.)
• Please sanitize your hands with Alcohol-based Hand rub before entering.
• Please step on the disinfected mat to sanitize your shoes.
• Please put on a mask to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

• In line with the preventive effort taking place across Hong Kong, guests who travelled abroad or just arrived Hong Kong should visit MONOPOLY DREAMS™ at least 14 days after returning to or arriving in Hong Kong.

•please fill in the Health Declaration Form prior to purchasing tickets.

During the journey:
• Please put on a mask during the whole journey.

*Please check the image below for more information.
*MONOPOLY DREAMS™ has the right to deny the admission of any person who does not follow the rules and regulations.
*Guests who have visited the mainland in the past 2 weeks will have their tickets rescheduled as a precautionary measure.
*Crowd control safety measures will be implemented to reduce the risk of infection.

MONOPOLY DREAMS™ opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm; Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm.