Before Entry
Q. What is the policy of the minimum age requirement for unaccompanied children to the MONOPOLY DREAMSTM?
A. Guests under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a guest aged 18 or older to enter MONOPOLY DREAMSTM.
Q. Will younger guests unaccompanied by an adult be required to show ID to prove their age at the entrance to park?
A. Our staffs may request any guest to present his/her park tickets and any personal identification for entry into the MONOPOLY DREAMSTM. If it is determined    that a guest is under 12 and unaccompanied, we reserve the right not to allow his/her admission into the park.
Q. Is smoking allowed in MONOPOLY DREAMSTM?
A. For the comfort of all Guests, Smoking of tobacco, E-cigarettes or other products that produce a vapour are allowed only in designated smoking areas.
Q. What clothing isn't permissible for visiting the park?
A. The park is a casual, family-oriented environment. We suggest you dress comfortably with proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times.    Attire that is not appropriate for the parks—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  • Masks may not be worn by any Guests aged 12 or older (with the exception of plain masks worn for medical reasons)
  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  • Excessively torn clothing
  • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment  

  Guest under the age of 12 may dress in their favourite costume and must follow at least these guidelines:
  Costumes Should

  • Be child-friendly

  Costumes Should Not 

  • Be obstructive, offensive or violent
  • Drag on the ground
  • Contain sharp objects, pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another Guest
  • Contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon


  • May be worn, but must not obstruct vision and eyes must be visible at all times

Q. Will refund of ticket will be given if MONOPOLY DREAMSTM is closed due to bad weather?
A. No refund of ticket will be given if any of the following situations occurs

  •  The Hong Kong Observatory issues a red or black rainstorm warning, or;
  •  The Hong Kong Observatory hoists a typhoon signal number 8 or above.

Q. How do I know if my online purchase is successful?
A. After purchase in online, Guests will receive a confirmation by email or SMS. Please contact us if you cannot receive any confirmation.
Q. What types of personal items are not permitted within MONOPOLY DREAMSTM?
A. For providing a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience for all of our Guests, the following items are not permitted into the MONOPOLY DREAMSTM

  • Dangerous or hazardous materials
  • Weapons of any kind, or objects that may give the appearance or impression of being weapons or toy guns
  • Food, alcoholic beverages or any illegal substance
  • Cans or glass containers
  • Bags, boxes or luggage larger than 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. If operation so requires, we may decline wheeled luggage from entering MONOPOLY DREAMSTM
  • Carts or other wheeled carriers (with the exception of manual wheelchairs, electrically powered mobility devices with at least 3 wheels and which operate at a walking pace; and strollers with dimensions not exceeding 92cm x 132cm)
  • Pets or other animals, except approved service animals (e.g. dogs)
  • Masks may not be worn by any Guests aged 12 or older (with the exception of plain masks worn for medical reasons). When worn by younger Guests, masks must provide unobstructed peripheral vision at all times with openings that allow the eyes to be fully seen
  • Large tripods, folding chairs and stools
  • Recreational devices with wheels, including but not limited to skateboards, scooters, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels
  • Other items that we determine may be harmful, disruptive, offensive or may impede the operation of the attraction or any associated facility  

Q. Could Guests bring Food and Drink into MONOPOLY DREAMSTM?
A. Food and Drink is not allowed into MONOPOLY DREAMSTM area but in F&B area.
Q. Can Guests take photo around with their camera?
A. Yes, Cameras are allowed in all areas apart from Train Station (4DX Theatre).
Q. How long should Guests schedule to visit MONOPOLY DREAMSTM normally?
A. It may takes around one hour to complete a visit of MONOPOLY DREAMS

About retail
Q. What kinds of merchandise are available for sale at MONOPOLY DREAMSTM?
A. MONOPOLY DREAMSTM features boutique offering a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs, many items are inspired by MONOPOLY elements, ranging from fine   collectibles, jewelry and limited-edition art and memorabilia to clothing, figurines and plush toys.
Q. What currencies are accepted at MONOPOLY DREAMSTM Retail shop?
A. Both Hong Kong dollars and renminbi are accepted on purchases in MONOPOLY DREAMSTM. Foreign currencies is not acceptable and changeable in      MONOPOLY DREAMSTM.
Q. Are the products refundable from MONOPOLY DREAMSTM?
A. Product once sold are neither refundable nor exchangeable.