Experience MONOPOLY

MONOPOLY game is renowned around the world, but do you know anything about the secret life of Mr. MONOPOLY?
Let’s explore Mr. MONOPOLY’s secret residence and city in MONOPOLY DREAMS ™! The classical elements like Bank, Water Works, Electric Company, Train Station, Title Deeds, Chance card, will be presented to visitors through advanced and interactive technology.
As the world-first MONOPOLY-themed attraction, and a brand-new tourist attraction in Hong Kong in 2019, Mr. MONOPOLY is showing his fans a glimpse of his luxurious life in MONOPOLY DREAMS ™. In the meanwhile, a mysterious man is hiding in Mr. MONOPOLY’s secret residence and is planning a conspiracy to steal the diamond scepter.
Can Mr. MONOPOLY safeguard his valuable treasure?

Moreover, to celebrate the 85th birthday of Mr. MONOPOLY, MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™ has launched a series of celebrations throughout the year starting from March 19, 2020, to March 18, 2021. Celebrations including the special edition of MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™ Admission Tickets, MONOPOLY 85TH Anniversary themed Postcards, MONOPOLY 85TH Anniversary Game and Photoshoot backgrounds.


New facilities such as MONOPOLY 85TH Anniversary Golden Postbox, MONOPOLY 85TH Birthday Cake, and more are presented to guests for photo-taking and check-in at MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™. In addition to this, free admission offers and MONOPOLY 85th Anniversary World Championship will be held at the Peak, Hong Kong in March 2021.

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