【MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™️: Play Well, Stay in Health】

#MONOPOLYDREAMS™️ will be back on 8th May!

To provide a joyful visit to you all as well as a safe working environment to our staff, we sincerely invite all guests to cooperate with us by following below precautionary measures for self-hygiene, so that we could Play Well and Stay in Health!

Before Entrance, please do:
• Allow our staff to check your body temperature with the infrared body heat detector. (Guests who have a recorded temperature of 37.5 degrees and above or have any developed URI symptoms including fever, cough, runny nose, and sore throat will have their tickets rescheduled.)
•Sanitize your hands with Alcohol-based Hand rub.
•Step on the disinfected mat for shoe sanitization.
•Put on a mask to protect yourself during the journey.
•Enter the site in batches, no more than 8 persons per group.

*MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™️ has the right to deny the admission of any guest who does not follow the precautionary measures.
*Guests who have visited departure records in the past two weeks will have their tickets rescheduled as a precautionary measure.
*Please visit MONOPOLY DREAMS HONG KONG™️ at least 14 days after travelled abroad to prevent any infection possibility, otherwise, the admission of the guests will be suspended, and our staff will help with the ticket rescheduling process.
*Photo-catalyst (Nano-TiO2) disinfection procedure has been adapted to the interior and exterior of the venue.
*The whole site is cleaned and disinfected at least once per hour.
*Crowd control will be implemented to reduce the risk of cross-infection.