MONOPOLY – classics since 1935

In the world of most popular board game, MONOPOLY, you can become the ultimate Mr. MONOPOLY by tossing dices and buying houses. Since 1935, MONOPOLY is the world’s most iconic board game loved and trusted by generations, with rich histories and outstanding records:

  • 1 billion players worldwide
  • Translated into 47 language
  • Launched in 114 countries
  • 10 million Facebook followers


MONOPOLY is entering its 84th anniversary, and is still viral among different generations worldwide!



MONOPOLY DREAMS™ is your ultimate family entertainment and tourist destination at The District Docklands, Melbourne.

Designed for all adults and kids who are interested in embarking upon the journey and fantasy of buying and selling property, we want you to spend the best quality family and bonding time while discovering fancy Monopoly stories around every corner!

Featuring models and attractions inspired by the classic Monopoly board game, digital interactive experiences that utilise 3D mapping, hologram and projection technology, the fun’s covered for everyone!

With so much to see and do in MONOPOLY DREAMS™, make the most of your time and OWN IT ALL!

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